No jobs at the local facility are in jeopardy.  The new owners don’t plan any changes.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Mondelez is shelling out almost three billion dollars for Clif Bar.  The new parent company does plan to increase prices after the acquisition is completed later this year.  Mondelez has already had price increases for its current products but tells the Journal that surprisingly, it hasn’t hurt sales.

I've Witnessed the Public's Fondness for Clif Bar

Clif Bar has been a good corporate citizen in Twin Falls.  I cite a personal experience.  One Halloween, the company donated 10,000 bars that our radio stations passed out to trick-or-treaters.  What surprised me was how popular the bars were with not only the kids but also their parents.  More than the traditional candy being passed out.  On that night a fellow in line told me the brand’s peanut flavor was out of this world.  Later, I took his recommendation and bought some at WinCo.  He was spot on.

Clif Bar Was Created to Put Flavor Into Energy Bars

Clif Bar has been in business for 30 years and turned down one offer two decades ago.  The Journal says the company founder wasn’t impressed by the taste of other energy bars.  He and his mother concocted Clif Bar.

The Company Will Operate Without Disruptions

The current Clif Bar headquarters will remain in California.  Idaho and Indiana are home to production plants.  There are no changes planned at the Indiana location either.

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