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Is this what corporate extortion looks like?  When I came across this story my first impression was, someone is looking to subvert the legislative process by muscling Idaho government.  Four Idaho companies and the Idaho National Laboratory claim two current bills will make it more difficult to recruit workers.

Bluster.  Total bluster.  It's virtue signaling.  It also gives some legislators and the Governor cover if they don't support the legislation.  Because, don't you know, we'll lose jobs and struggle to lure new companies. 

Your girls who know they're girls aren't as high on the victim hood ladder as the transgender.

The bills in question offend liberals and the transgender community.  One makes it clear biological boys won't compete against biological girls in high school and college sports.  The liberals tell us this hurts the feelings of a small minority.  The feelings of your own children are irrelevant to the leftist culture warriors.  If your daughter has trained for years as a track star and suddenly loses a scholarship offer because biological boys take the tape, the liberals really don't care.  Your girls who know they're girls aren't as high on the victim hood ladder as the transgender.

The second bill enraging the left states if you were born male or female, you can't later alter your birth certificate to claim otherwise.

Frankly, I'm less concerned about your birth registration than I am about the safety and success of track stars.

I need also mention the law clarifying sports competition is already on the books in 18 other states.  To my knowledge, corporate America hasn't fled those places and people interested in careers are still willing to take jobs.

Two things to consider.  Are these companies in fear of boycotts from transgender people and fellow travelers among liberals?  Then why not fear a lack of business from conservatives?  There are many yogurt choices available when I'm shopping.

Additionally, do these firms bankroll state legislative campaigns?  The donor class always seems to get more attention than voters, although.  I've never seen a factory registered to vote and squeezing into a voting booth is difficult for buildings.

We need to start holding some feet to the political fires.

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