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I like both.  I’ve had the same artificial tree for 25 years.  I spent 57 dollars at Walmart just before Christmas of 1997.  I was going to buy the real thing, however.  My sister was coming for Christmas and she has pine allergies.  I will admit, a fake tree is an easier cleanup than a solid pine.  Still, over the years, my old tree has dropped its share of needles.  It’s in a box and hasn’t been out in many years.  One three-letter explanation:  Cat!

The tree is light and it wouldn’t take much for a 19-pound feline to tip it over.  I would be coming home every day and sweeping up decorations.

This is where a real tree would be a better option.  It would be heavier and have a sturdy stand.  Sure, Huck would still knock some decorations on the floor, but tipping the conifer over would be a lot less likely.

I’m sure there have been polls on what kinds of trees are Idaho’s preference.  These usually center on the living varieties.  The choices of conifers vary around the country.

Out of curiosity, what do you have in your house?  Real or plastic?  If it’s real, what type of tree?

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If you could, also tell me when you like to put the tree up.  I’ve seen some people do it long before Thanksgiving (I don’t have an issue with that choice) and others who are very last minute.  Oh, and when do you take it down?  I once left the artificial up until March.  My daughter liked looking at it and I didn’t see any harm.

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