You may be hearing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Idaho radio.  He’s appearing in a commercial promoting something called an Article V Convention.  A Convention of the States is another name.  Article V of the Constitution of the United States allows the states to call a convention to amend the current document.  The Republican DeSantis wants the states to convene and approve term limits for members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Many of the Florida Governor’s fellow conservatives also want a convention to add a balanced budget amendment.  The latter has been the Holy Grail of Republicans since the Reagan Administration, or it was until about 15 years ago.

I’m opposed to the ideas, and here’s why.

Blue states will send delegates.  They’ll be opposed especially to balancing the budget.  They may try and rewrite the rules of the gathering and attempt to repeal the Second Amendment, and maybe more.  I’ve been told the items for discussion will be limited, but when you bring hundreds of people together, they may choose to create a new agenda.

The states with more significant populations may be able to send more delegates than smaller states.  More than one-tenth of the people of the United States live in California.  The Golden State's liberal Governor and leftist legislature will appoint delegates.  Idaho would send fewer than five representatives compared to more than 50 from California.

As for term limits, we already have elections.  While incumbents start the ballgame from inside their opponent’s 50-yard line, not all of them win.  A better-educated electorate would help voters make better decisions.  We would need a new emphasis on civics and on how to spot false advertising.  School days are limited in length.  It would require us to drop the courses in gender confusion.  Good luck with that!

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