How come we haven’t seen more prominent Republicans denounce drag shows that include kids?  This is a conservative state and the issue would seem to be a winner.  Sure, the newspaper types who secretly pine that we become a colony of Oregon would whine, but there’s an old saying that comes to mind.  If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?  The only paper in the state with a decent news budget, the Lewiston Tribune, reminds me of a scene in Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  The Kringle family keeps making toys, but with no customers, the finished products are tossed into a big heap outside.

Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon has been making noise, and she’s garnering national attention.  She appeared on Steve Bannon’s the War Room, and the host and guest shed some light on the silence.  Many of the corporate sponsors for the Boise Pride Festival are the same corporate sponsors of the Idaho GOP establishment.  Click here to watch Bannon and Moon talk about the perfidy of the party elite.

What’s even sadder is the silence about genital mutilation.  A very conservative candidate for state senate told me today that St. Luke’s in Boise is going to be permanently altering children who suffer from gender confusion.  I haven’t found any more details after an extensive computer search, however.  I’m not surprised.  There’s big money in jettisoning do no harm.  From a hospital named after the author of one of the four gospels!

Greed combined with immorality are signs of a pending societal collapse.  Shall we stand aside and do nothing?

I came across a video from earlier this year.  It features Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  Why can’t our guy share the same courage?  DeSantis even referenced a case here in Idaho where the elites were lying to parents about their own little boy’s transition.  As for Brad Little, crickets.

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