There are quite a few people in this world who will spend money on the dumbest things just because they can. Other people only spend money when they can. Then there are people who will spend money because they can't think of a name for their children.

For real.

I know it's hard coming up with a good name for kids. You have to put a lot of thought into it and figure out all the ways that it could be made fun of to minimize the jokes later on. You have to worry about what the initials will be and if the name goes with the last name - it is really complicated...unless you take the easy route and just give them a family name.

You could also cheat and just spell a normal name differently. Kevin can become Kevyn, Qevin, or Quevynn. Kylee can become Kyleigh, Quyzlee, or Qile. Really just throw in a Z, X, or a Q and you are probably covered on originality for now.

But let's say you keep coming up with nothing. Would you pay $35,000 to give your baby a unique name? There's a company that thinks you know, if you really love your child and want them to be 100 percent unique. For 35 grand they'll come up with a few names that nobody else in the world has or if you want to skimp you can drop 20 thousand for a unique name to the United States. But that means some kid in China could get the same name, and you don't want that.