There was a time when I was a kid when I fished every day after school.  Then adulthood came along.  Work and urban living created new demands on my time.  The last time I went fishing was the day after Easter in 1993.  Trout fishing!  I like trout fried in a pan.  I caught none that rainy morning.

There are a lot of people like me.  They used to fish and then other obligations came along.  Or maybe they never went fishing. Perhaps they would like to introduce their kids to the activity/sport.  Then Saturday, June 10th is designed for you.  Idaho Fish and Game is offering a free fishing day.  You can get details by clicking here.

Fish and Game have a good reason to promote fishing.  The agency isn’t funded by taxpayers.  It pays the bills from money raised by selling licenses for hunting and fishing.  As the state increasingly urbanizes, fewer people are exercising their Idaho heritage.  For its survival, Fish and Game need to have you develop an interest.

I don’t think I’m a jealous person, but one June day a lot like today, I was leaving Swan Valley and I stopped at Palisades Reservoir.  I spent twenty minutes talking with the fishermen—the good ones like talking about conditions and sharing knowledge.  I wanted to join them that day but was trying to keep a schedule.  Oh, and I didn’t have a license.

If you fish Saturday and plan to return and repeat next week, you’ll need to get a license before going out.

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