We've all had this happen where you go to the gas station to fill up your car. You get out, insert your payment card, choose your preferred gas, and then you take the nozzle and insert it into your car. Then, the moment you start to dispense the gas, BOOM, the loudest ads you can imagine blast from the commercial on the pump screen. We've all been there and hated it, so here's the one thing you'll learn today that will make your life better. You can mute the gas station pump ads.

How Do I Mute Gas Station Pump Ads?

The way to mute the ads at a gas station pump is ridiculously easy. It will also make you question why you never thought to try and mute them until now. There may be some variance depending on where you get your gas, of the pumps I tried around Twin Falls there were two ways that worked.

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At the Maverik gas station, the pump was actually marked with a mute button. For real, how have we missed this for so long? At that station, it was the top button on the right next to the screen. At other gas stations, it was the second button down on the right side. Online, others say it might be the third or fourth button, but it is always on the right side. So, if you want to pump gas in peace and quiet, push those buttons on the right side of the screen until the ad mutes. Some pumps will also beep at you a few times to let you know you muted the screen.

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