They call it public broadcasting.  You can turn on children’s cartoons and learn mice teaching little mice are in same-sex marriages.  On the radio side, there’s a constant drumbeat of heavy breathing and virtue signaling.  In Idaho, much of the programming and staff are connected with universities, where you’ll have better luck finding a dinosaur than a conservative in the faculty lounge.  The broadcast managers (wards of the state) will preach diversity, but they mean they’re hiring left-handed people before any Republicans.  Yet, Republicans who dominate our state legislature pick your pockets and fund the leftist propaganda.

The story is also the same all over the country.

Why, because they’ve developed a relationship with the broadcasters that is almost incestuous and certainly symbiotic.  The Republicans get invited on air.  Politicians essentially get a campaign commercial paid for by their constituents.  “Good” Republicans get tossed softballs.  After all, the heavy breathers have realized puffing some members of the GOP ensures a meal ticket.  “Good” Republicans are the kind who won’t leave a mess on the carpet at the cocktail party.  Everyone can collectively toss back some cabernet and chuckle about how they’ve scammed the public.

“Bad” Republicans needn’t make appearances on public radio or TV.  You’re simply being invited to be the prey.

The trouble is, there are more Republicans getting taxpayer-funded exposure than conservatives opposed to funding one-sided media.  You can call me biased, but I don’t believe I need to feed at the public trough.

A few months ago, a legislator told me it would be difficult to pencil out the broadcast funding.  It’s buried in a larger spending bill for universities.  How convenient!

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