Back in the middle of the last century, there was a rabid racist Democrat in the U.S. Senate.  His name was Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi.  Later the title was passed on to Robert Byrd of West Virginia.  Or maybe it was Joe Biden of Delaware.

Biden served decades in the Senate before serving two terms as Vice President in the Obama Administration.  President Obama apparently never heard a 1975 interview Biden did with National Palestinian Radio.  The NPR interview is buried in old government archives.

Biden a Democrat, was serving in a state where the Republicans in his home county were more liberal than Democrats in the southern portion of Delaware.

Schools had been segregated in the state until just before his first Senate election.  Southern Delaware still had some anger issues when it came to integration.  Biden knew where his political bread was buttered!

Now he may be running for President in 2020.  The conservative Washington Examiner uncovered Biden’s old views about segregation.  Details were published late Thursday night.  And now it’s early afternoon Friday on the East Coast as I write this.  I can’t seem to find much coverage by mainstream media.  Any thoughts as to the news blackout?

Imagine if a Republican had supported segregation and now wanted to be the next President.

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