Hillary Clinton’s Rockin’ Pneumonia (Opinion)
Hillary Clinton must be having nightmares about her school days.  Remember the brown-nose who sat up front and knew all the answers?  Not always a bad kid, but often drove everyone else nuts.  She was the girl who was also the tattle-tale because it scored even more points with the te…
The Most Common Job In Idaho Is Not A Surprise
NPR has compiled the most common job in each state for the past 40 years. Many states have had that job change over the decades, but not Idaho. Nope. We have had one job that has always been the most common. Wanna take a wild guess, good buddy? That's a big 10-4.
Should Twin Falls City Hall Be Located Downtown?
The former Banner Furniture building in downtown Twin Falls is being considered as the location for a new City Hall, since the current one is becoming overcrowded.  What do you think?

Steve Millington with the Twin Falls Republicans will join us at 8:30 this morning
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