Earlier this week Twin Falls County commissioners approved a proposal from Magic Valley Flight Simulation to build a six zip line course at the base of the Snake River Canyon.  And just yesterday, an outfitting permit was approved by the State of Idaho.  And now, Magic Valley Flight Simulation  hopes to start construction tomorrow pending a building permit.  Owner Jody says it’s been a long road to get approval but it will be good for the area once it’s going. 


The course will feature six different zip lines ranging from an hour and a half to two and a half hour tours. The program will be designed for not only high flying fun, but also teach people about the area.  Magic Valley Flight Simulation has scaled back the project after numerous changes were made to the proposal. The zip line won't run rim to rim which is what the company initially intended, but it will lay along the east floor of the canyon in the shape of a triangle, with the longest zip line running  2,100 feet.  The zip line is estimated to add 25 jobs locally.
There is still a chance for a group still opposing the decision to appeal to the Twin Falls County commissioners, but in the meantime construction is going to begin.

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