Everybody seems to hate the TSA. And I mean everybody! I bet that when a TSA worker goes through the line before they fly - they hate the TSA. But, for all the hate they get, they do keep a ton of crazy stuff off the planes.

Here are the top 6 things the TSA found last year in carry on bags.

  1. 1,813 guns in carry on bags last year. That's an average of 5 a day.  And, the majority of the guns were loaded!.
  2. They found 1 suicide vest with explosives! Fortunately, it was fake and belonged to an explosives training instructor.
  3. A dozen people had Chinese Stars/Ninja Throwing Stars.
  4. They also found someone carrying human skull fragments inside of clay pots. Apparently the person had bought the pots and didn't know what was inside.
  5. They found knives hidden in all sorts of crazy places - socks, a pen, a cane, a pillow, a knee brace and a laptop battery compartment.
  6. They even busted a guy carrying a mace.  Not mace spray, but an actual medieval weapon with a spiked metal ball on a chain attached to a wood club. I bet that guys was sad when they took it!



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