Dietrich School Settles in Locker Room Assault Case
A southern Idaho school district has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit involving a black football player who says he was sexually assaulted by three teammates in 2015. Lee Schlender, the victim's attorney, confirmed Monday a monetary settlement had been reached with the Dietrich School Distric…
Dietrich Superintendent Resigns
DIETRICH, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — New information coming from the Dietrich School District Thursday evening. Superintendent Ben Hardcastle resigned.
Idaho Has A Problem With Bullying
We see statistics all the time and, frankly, most of them are meaningless lists. However, I saw one stat today that is troubling for those of us in Idaho. If the numbers are to be believed, Idaho has a problem with bullying.
Man Sentenced for His Part in Dietrich Robbery
SHOSHONE, Idaho (AP) — A 23-year-old Twin Falls man who pleaded guilty to his role in a home invasion robbery has been sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. Aaron Donabedian was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in prison for aiding and abetting a burglary and five to 14 years for aiding and a…

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