Idaho Republicans have a primary on March 8th but the Democrats are instead planning a caucus much later in the month.  Here are 10 explanations:



  • The state’s only remaining telephone booth wasn’t available in early March.
  • The extra weeks will allow more planning for digging the tunnel beneath Leavenworth and Hillary’s escape.
  • Bill Clinton is spending early March at the Mustang Ranch (and most of February).
  • Chelsea is having her teeth cleaned and sandblasting apparatus is unavailable in Idaho.
  • Democrat National Committee thought Idaho was in Canada.
  • Favorite candidate plans to finally stay home and bake cookies.
  • Hillary still angry that during last visit local Democrats confused her with a wandering moose.
  • Two-headed coin won’t be minted until late March for coin flip.
  • Bill Clinton thought Idaho was a venereal disease and promised to never bring another one home.
  • idahofishgame via YouTube
    idahofishgame via YouTube