Hillary Clinton could make a train take a dirt road!  Listen to her tell her crime family’s TV network that Donald Trump is going to lock up ugly people.  #keepamericabeautiful!

If Clinton showed up in Idaho, Old Baldy would suddenly grow hair.  The Tetons would crumble and Borah Peak would slink underground.

Photo by Amos Lewis on Unsplash
Photo by Amos Lewis on Unsplash

Clinton should be making arrangements for life north of the border.  The folks in Vancouver are going to ask if she played the goal without a mask, but at least they share her politics.

I heard the old Bushite, Ari Fleischer, talking on a TV program Friday.  He suggested the latest court ruling against the former President just got him elected.  Lefty hasn’t figured this out, but Trump gets stronger.  In less than two weeks, Idaho will ice the cake baked next Saturday in South Carolina.

Laugh, libs, laugh!

All real Americans, the normies, don’t like you, your ridiculous daily pronoun changes, and your belief that their kids belong in your indoctrination mills.

I learned this weekend that St. Edward School in Twin Falls has doubled enrollment, even before the arrival of choice.

Finally, liberals at the state capitol are working to pass a bill criminalizing deep fakes.  Like the computer-generated voice that impersonated Joe Biden on telephone calls in New Hampshire.  The goal was to discourage Democrats before a vote.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about.  You could easily tell the difference.  The computer was coherent!  To say that Joe’s campaign has fallen flat on its face is literal.

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