Imagine paying another $1,000 a month for your family’s groceries.  Sound far-fetched?  An Iowa soybean farmer predicts it could happen before the end of this year.  He appeared this week on a television show and shared the warning.  You can watch the actual interview by clicking here.  Ben Riensche, who has a resemblance to Jonah Goldberg, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program on the Fox News Channel.  The host made a double-take when Riensche made his pronouncement.

If you don’t have time for the explanation in the video, it’s because of the high cost of fertilizer.  Some of the components come from Russia.  The cost was already staggeringly high before the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

You throw in fuel costs for farmers and ranchers as well as transportation costs and the expenses pile up.

Here’s a question for all of you and members of our state legislature.  Even if groceries increase only $100 a month for the average family by summer, should we end the grocery tax in Idaho?

A crisis in your wallet would probably mean a lot more revenue for the state treasury.  Does your state government, already awash in borrowed money from Washington, need more?  And if sales tax moves to eight percent to offset a cut in homeowner property tax, how are you going to afford to feed your family?

Look, the state has expenses.  Money is needed for roads, bridges, and policing.  How the government collects the money can be altered, even if only temporarily.

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