The vapors you’re experiencing are your own, and not from the gasoline you’re pumping.  Have you seen where the price is going?  It’s going to get worse.  Liberals will blame the blocking of the harbor in Baltimore, but prices were already skyrocketing before the bridge came down in the channel.  The same liberals will claim Joe Biden can’t control what’s happening, but he’s certainly attempting.  To save his political butt, he’s throwing Ukraine under the bus!  Your mainstream media pals are downplaying that story.  How can you sell the public on giving another country our treasury when our own President is a double talker?

Biden is Working to Make Life Miserable

As I’ve said, Biden is hamstringing domestic production by prolonging the expensive permitting process and offering no guarantees a permit will be issued after seven years.

Meanwhile, his spending binge has impaired your ability to afford groceries.  You can’t blame Baltimore for a prior decision made by Trader Joe's.  Bananas are still relatively inexpensive at the chain, but when you raise the price of your loss leader by 19 percent, there’s evidence grocery stores have been eating the cost of a lot of increases.  Until now!

Lettuce costs 30 Cents More

I saw a 30-cent increase for bagged salad while shopping on Thursday.  About 15 percent above what I paid on Sunday.  I’m not aware that the Port of Baltimore is a choke point for lettuce.

Some old crone was angered by a similar post I wrote last week and said it was poor journalism.  I’m not a journalist.  I’m a conservative talk radio host.  However, if you call the folks at the alphabet networks who are trying to bury these stories, journalists, you’re a fool.  You also realize inflation is so obvious, that you can’t keep covering for the doddering fool in the White House.

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