Your tax dollars are buying methamphetamine for monkeys.  And paying for the care of monkeys on an island and chopping the skulls off monkeys.  In a heavily indebted nation, your federal government is spending billions of dollars promoting tourism in Egypt and studying cats in Russia.  There are people in government who rationalize these efforts and the absurd costs as being in the name of science.  As I wrote in another piece this week, this is all taking place while we watch the number of homeless people on Idaho streets grow exponentially.

Isn’t there a point where we say enough?

The trouble is, in our busy lives we don’t have time to track government waste.  Thankfully, U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is doing the job.  He issues what he calls his Festivus Report every year.  It’s reminiscent of the late Senator William Proxmire giving out his Golden Fleece awards.  Unlike the Republican Paul, Proxmire was a Democrat.  This shows how deep the rot has become in both major parties.

Why do so many members of the House and Senate throw your money away?  So they can come home and claim they created 14 jobs and saved the local economy.

When I was young, a local representative came home and bragged about funding an umbilical cord research facility.  On the air, I accused him of funding body parts.  That night, he tracked me down at a banquet and screamed at me.  He insisted he was creating jobs.  Suddenly, a prominent conservative interrupted him and reminded the politician he was using our money, and he hadn’t asked if we approved.

They’re fine bankrupting the country if it buys them another term.

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