Every couple has their weird quirks. Whether it's an inside joke or funny nicknames we are do weird things but they make us happy and truly that is all that matters. Recently, Bolde.com made a list of 12 weird things the best couples do. Hopefully you do a few of these in your relationship to keep things fun and exciting.

  1. You can tell what the other is thinking solely by facial expression. - Every married guy can do this.
  2. You've named your shared appliances. - This is goofy, maybe I need to try this.
  3. You can flawlessly carry a conversation on a host of different platforms. - Switching from social media to text to in person.
  4. You know there are certain shows that they'd be really upset about not watching with you. - If you're watching a show together you don't watch without your spouse, that's just rude.
  5. You can send each other unflattering selfies. - You should be able to send anything to your spouse, don't hide anything.
  6. You've woken each other up when you can't get to sleep. - Every couple has done this.
  7. The nicknames you have for each other are just weird. - Yep, most couples do this. And those nicknames are just between you two.
  8. You've spent money watching notoriously bad movies in theater together. - Or, having the guts to leave that horrible movie together.
  9. You consider going to Taco Bell or KFC as being on a "date". - Any time spend alone together should be considered a date. Make that time special no matter where it takes place.
  10. You're not afraid to kiss and get close even if one of you has a bad cold. - You often swap germs before knowing you're sick. It's weird but I am guilty of this.
  11. You buy each other weird surprises when you're out at the grocery store alone. - This is especially important after you've been together for a while, don't forget to be spontaneous and keep it fun.
  12. You create nicknames for the other people around you, either real or fictional. - This is so much fun and a great way to remember people that you don't know very well.

What other weird things do you do as a couple to keep your relationship fun and exciting?

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