Performance Reviews For Marriages?
No marriage is perfect. Marriage is work that usually comes with great rewards. I will be the first to admit that my husband and I don't always have the smoothest conversations. So when researchers suggested that a performance review could improve my marriage I was curious.
7 Things That Make Women Happy
A wise man once told me..."happy wife, happy life". If this is true, you may want to read these seven tips we found from FemaleFirst on how to keep the lady in your life happy.
1.  Cooking for her.
The Best Time to Have a Serious Talk With Your Husband
Having a serious conversation with your husband can be tricky. Not only do you need to find a moment when your children aren't taking notes, but you have to make sure your husband has decompressed from work enough to actually hear what you are saying.
As with most situations, food can help. Serv…
Commentary: The Gay Mafia & The Coming Christian Pogrom
Apparently the U.S. Constitution is no longer relevant.  Over the weekend I spent some hours arguing with assorted people from a variety of ideologies about the latest religious liberty spat.  I heard the first freedom guaranteed by God was trumped by public accommodations law...
Can Dimming The Lights End An Argument
Over the course of being married for 11 years, I have realized that the only way to win an argument happily with my wife is to admit defeat. But, things may soon change. According to a new study, the key to ending an argument is to dim the lights.
Women Gain More Weight Than Men In The First Year Of Marriage
The thing I love about the internet and the endless information is that you can basically find a study to prove yourself right on any subject. Though the person you are arguing with can also do the same thing. Last week I wrote that married men gain more weight than women, now I am writing that wome…
Obamacare Too Expensive? Get A Divorce!
Married couples seeking health insurance may make too much money together to qualify for government subsidies.  The logical solution?  Well, get of divorce, of course!  Look here to learn about the "marriage penalty."
Romanian National Guilty of Marriage Fraud
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A Romanian national who previously lived in Ketchum has reached a plea agreement on a federal marriage fraud charge. U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson says 31-year-old Ramona Alina Fenesan pleaded guilty Monday to unlawful procurement of citizenship...

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