Isn’t this one obvious?

It’s religious faith.  More specifically, the presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I would even argue the culture it created has benefited other churches in both states.  Most people strive to live by community mores.

The Heritage Foundation, a family-oriented think tank, picked up this story.  Neighboring Wyoming is also in the top four states with the most households headed by two-parent families in traditional marriages.

New York State and the District of Columbia have the fewest number of traditional families.  Both places are known for high crime rates, substance abuse, and big spending on social problems.

Maybe the liberals who control those states and celebrate alternative lifestyles should take a lesson.

The Daily Signal, the Heritage Foundation’s news source, carries a column from talk show host Ben Shapiro.  You can hear him six days a week on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  Shapiro references the British atheist Richard Dawkins (not the actor from Hogan’s Heroes!)  Dawkins has stated he’s glad he’s lived his life in a Christian culture.  His homeland is being overrun by a foreign religion.  Shapiro suggests Dawkins’ next step is to perhaps realize what makes the Christian faith work.  Could it be that God has blessed the faithful?

Our challenge in the Mountain West is to maintain success.  Many of the newcomers have made an effort to find a place with shared values.

The future of Western Civilization could hinge on three states in flyover country.

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