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1917 is possibly the best picture I’ve ever watched.  It’s at least the best film I’ve seen over the last decade.  I can’t imagine how it could ever be passed over for Best Picture of 2019.  The movie has won every awards ceremony to date.

Having Monday as a day off from work, I went to the 11 o’clock matinee at Magic Valley Cinema.  I had a seat center theater.  The big screen experience captures the scenery in a way TV wouldn’t do justice.  The sweep of a city ablaze, carnage of “No Man’s Land” and trenches are as much characters as the soldiers being played by actors.

It’s a film about friendship, loyalty and duty.

The action is edited to look like one continuous shot.  As a viewer you feel as if you’re along for the mission.

Some early reviews labelled 1917 an anti-war story.  I disagree.  It’s a film about friendship, loyalty and duty.  If you’ve not yet caught a viewing, I won’t try and spoil your day, however.  It’s a bittersweet tale and we’re left wondering at the end about the unlikely hero.  Where does he go after completion of a mission he never wanted?  Does he make it home to his family?  Does he receive another medal?

There’s a hint during the picture that he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his service in a previous battle.  The equivalent of our Medal of Honor.

World War One is underrepresented when it comes to movies.  It was a horrific event and didn’t have the moral clarity of defeating Adolf Hitler a generation later.  1917 is a memorial due for more than a century.

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