The sticker shock just keeps coming.  Driving to work I passed a gas station selling Shell products.  Shell is an exceptionally good brand of gas.  The price was an eye-popping $4.85.9 a gallon for unleaded regular.  We’re told we haven’t seen the end of fuel inflation and that any disruption across the globe could send prices into the stratosphere.  Remember that line about a butterfly flapping its wings in Asia causing disruption in North America?  The market is that volatile at the moment.

I Only Drive for Necessity

I used to go driving as far away as Hansen and check pump prices for stories on this site.  I don’t do much of that now.  A drive to Hansen seems such a luxury (though, if I can squeeze in a stop at T&T Café I would feel much better about the trip!).  I see some high prices along Kimberly Road.  Friends around the country all now report regular is selling for more than four dollars a gallon.  A buddy from high school lives in Florida.  He spotted $4.75 a gallon Tuesday.  A friend in East Texas is paying $4.07 for regular.  A fellow told me online that he saw $4.24 this week in Colorado.

There are multiple causes for inflation but if you consider retail goods and groceries all arrive locally by truck, then you understand inflation across the board is nowhere near finished.  While I don’t expect something approaching Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany, this isn’t an easy time to be alive.  It’s because of the uncertainty.

What Was Plan B?

The Washington Post has a story at this link that suggests there isn’t much we can do about the cost of fuel.  Consider the source.  The editors and reporters are overwhelmingly greenies.  They can also take the Metro to the office.  What’s amazing is how the people who believe this will create a renewable economy never factored in the need for a bridge.

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