Here in Idaho we love America and we accept that you have the right to say what you want, but that doesn't mean we like hearing it. Even if it is your right to be a blabber-mouth, we highly suggest that you stop saying these seven phrases and bringing up these topics in Twin Falls.

Great. Another Restaurant is Coming to Twin Falls.

There are variations on this one and they all need to stop. Growth for our town is good. Sure it seems like we have a billion burger joints and enough Mexican restaurants that we can eat at a different one each week for a year and not repeat, but that isn't a bad thing. We should really be happy to have variety and businesses that are flourishing in Twin Falls. I'm still holding out for a Wienerschnitzel though.

The Air in Twin Falls Stinks.

Yes, sometimes the air is pungent. Between the dairy air and the sugar beet factory (PS - what's the word on fixing the sugar beet plant?), and whatever the grease smell is near the train tracks on Shoshone, there are some interesting smells. In Idaho we call that the smell of money. Deal with it. Now, if the air in your home or office stinks, you can probably blame your spouse or coworkers for that.

Gas Prices are Crazy in Twin Falls.

Are they really though? Yes, gas prices are a little higher that we want them to be. So is my weight but that isn't going to change any time soon. Our gas prices are actually better than what a lot of the rest of the United States are dealing with, and we don't have to store ours in shopping bags. If we get over $4, then we can start getting gas price grumpy. You know what's actually crazy? The fact that we don't have a Wienerschnitzel in Twin Falls.

Another Event Has Been Cancelled.

This topic isn't so much a 'stop talking about it' subject as it is a 'we are tired of it happening'  subject. The pandemic really ruined our 2020 as far as events went. This year has been the polar opposite. We have event announcements coming at us weekly at the radio station. The Western Days celebration is back next week, Highway 30 Music Fest is coming up, and summer looks like we'll actually be able to do stuff together.

It Was Another 'Avoidable Accident'.

This is another topic that we just need to stop happening so we can stop talking about it. I'm tired of hearing about car accidents, deaths, drama, and trauma caused by someone being selfish and negligent. We can't stop all accidents but there really are so many that we could avoid.

Twin Falls is the Same as Idaho Falls, Right?

If you say this or think this, just leave now. This is a real issue for some people. I made plans with a high school buddy a few years ago because he was coming to Twin Falls for a football tournament. Turns out that weekend we didn't meet up because he was actually in Idaho Falls. Stupid IF.

Blue Lakes Traffic Sucks.

All traffic sucks. But this one has two parts: we all hate the traffic so we don't need to talk about it and when it comes to Blue Lakes you don't need to say the word traffic, it's an implied word that goes along with Blue Lakes in all instances. The only exception would be if they were building a Wienerschnitzel on Blue Lakes.

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