Traffic in Idaho isn't that bad but it does seem to be getting worse. I have noticed some things that aren't necessarily "laws" or enforced courtesies that Idahoans should live by that would make travel a whole lot easier.


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    If you see a semi turning, leave a turn gap

    If a large semi truck is making a turn at a stop sign that you are approaching, give them some extra space between you and the stop sign so the semi can make the wide turn. I know it isn't something that is always doable, but if you can, you should.

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    Don't turn left across multi lane, busy traffic

    Perfect example, if you are coming out of a business or side street on Blue Lakes Blvd and you need to turn left across those lanes of traffic, it is going to take you a long time and traffic can back up. If you can avoid going left, you probably should.

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    Don't try to jet across all the lanes

    Even worse than turning left on to Blue Lakes is going all the way across it and it's 5 lanes of traffic. It is going to be one heck of a ride if you can miraculously make it, you will probably get people slamming on their brakes not to hit you or you are going to back up traffic so far for so long it is going to cause some fighting.

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    Learn when to get over

    Whether you are going super slow down a street because you may not know where you're going or whatever, we have all been there, we have all done it, just be aware when you need to pull over to the side to let someone around you. Or even more infuriating, don't go 60 in the left lane of the 80 mph highway.

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    You don't have to stop to turn

    I am not expecting anyone to make a turn at 40 mph but you also don't have to come to a complete stop to turn.

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    Close up the gaps

    Green turn arrows are the biggest ones I see, if there is 6 car lengths between you and the car in front of you, try closing that gap a bit. It gets more cars through. Or at a stop light you don't need to leave 5 car lengths between you and the car in front of you. Let's try to get as many people through the lights as possible.

  • 7

    Only let one person in at a time

    I know Idahoans can be super friendly and if someone is trying to get on to Blue Lakes or Addison from a business, traffic can get backed up so you should definitely let someone in, just don't let everyone in because that causes a huge traffic jam.

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