When you think of a log cabin, you think of a structure that is cozy, warm, and sturdy. There is something about log cabins that just seem to pair perfectly with the landscape of Idaho. There is nothing like the beauty of a log cabin in Idaho and one in particular looks like something out of a movie.

It's located in Island Park, Idaho

According to WorldPopulationReview.com, the city of Island Park, Idaho has a population of just 193. That makes this property perfect for anyone who is looking to isolate from the growing areas of Idaho... if you have the cash.

The property is listed with a price tag of $9.5 million and sits on 265.99 acres according to Zillow. While the price has skyrocketed from its $1.2 million price tag in 2016, as you'll see from the design and the land surrounding it, the $9.5 million price is certainly worth it.

Let's take a look...

$9.5 Million Idaho Log Cabin Looks Like Something Out Of A Movie

This log cabin in Island Park is simply STUNNING. Seriously... it looks like something out of a movie.

Now, maybe you're not in the market for buying a home but would visit a cabin for a little getaway... and maybe you're not into that hefty price tag either. That's okay! Perhaps a log cabin that's a little bit smaller would suit you better? Take a look at this adults-only cabin that features a clothing-optional hot spring pool...

Adorable Idaho Cabin Has a Private, Clothing Optional Hot Spring Pool

Leave the kids at home! This vacation get away is adults only!

Now that we're warmed up, let's take a look at this stunning dome cabin that is perfect for anyone looking for endless hours of entertainment. If you love sports, luxury, and unique designs, you're going to absolutely love this dome-shaped Idaho cabin. It even has a freakin' indoor zipline!

Amazing Idaho Dome Cabin Has an Indoor Zipline and 6 XBOXs

Located in Ashton, Idaho this crazy "dome cabin" is an entertainer's paradise!

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