I’m an inveterate sinner.  I struggle to condemn some of the behaviors of my neighbors.  Looking back against 25 years of history I can tell you there wouldn’t be legalized same-sex marriage in America if it hadn’t been for some sadists looking to humiliate a pair of men in Texas.  The men were at home when it was raided and they were charged with sodomy.  Eventually the Supreme Court of the United States weighed in and the Texas law was scrapped.  With the door now open the culture rapidly changed and the meanness of the Texas arrests shamed even decent and thoughtful opposition.

When Justice Antonin Scalia died last month I was saddened because I admired his interpretation of the Constitution, however.  On one point I believe he allowed his personal values to cloud his judgment.  He said there wasn’t any right to marriage.  This from a man who claimed fealty to the 9th Amendment, which states what isn’t specified in the document is a right of the people.  You can read it here:


The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.



Which brings me to my next point.  Why is government involved in any measure with marriage?  As a Roman Catholic I personally oppose same-sex unions and believe as a matter of conscience no church or clergy should ever be compelled to perform or acknowledge a homosexual marriage.  Considering some churches will decide history and tradition can be re-defined someone will always be available to officiate a ceremony even if it isn’t in the church in which the participants were raised.  It’s a free and open marketplace of religious ideas, although.  Why do people even need a ceremony?  Whether conducted in a church or by government?  If government has no business in the consensual relationships of adults then why do the couples need marriage licenses?  Ultimately I believe the argument is based on tax policy and distribution of benefits.  Well, then.  Why not simplify the policies?  Right now two people you meet on the street can claim to be married and if they aren’t “legally” hitched you still can’t jail them.  If they would like some sort of ceremony they can find someone somewhere who’ll perform it or they can create a commitment service of their own.

Our Roman Catholic winter. Courtesy, Bill Colley
Our Roman Catholic winter. Courtesy, Bill Colley

O.K.  Part one of my story is done.  Now part two.  A friend sent me a link last week about a local Roman Catholic Parish.  You can see it by clicking here.  St. Jerome is10 miles at most away from my house and I’ve visited the place.  It’s very nice and, yet.  The story explains the Pastor at St. Jerome encourages lawbreaking.  Let’s be clear.  He doesn’t represent the United States Catholic Church.  It’s the Roman Catholic Church and it ministers to all who come through its doors.  You don’t have to present a green card before entering the sanctuary and I’m fine sharing communion with all my brothers and sisters.  It’s the section of the story where people at St. Jerome brag about text and telephone trees alerting the community when ICE agents were in the area.  Of all the world’s Christian denominations Roman Catholicism may be the most dedicated to respecting earthly authority.  It’s why the Church has supported some despots throughout history because often alternatives were even worse.  A local priest may not like the idea of national borders and he may approve of people illegally in the country taking your job and he may be a guitar playing socialist.  He may be all these things but he isn’t being a very good steward when it comes to his faith.  I’ve always been told there are rules I must follow and that I must follow the rules even when it doesn’t feed my wants or my need for instant gratification.  Then along comes the Pastor of St. Jerome and he nods in agreement but then winks.

The story also mentions a recent Valentines dance sponsored by St. Jerome and the folks at the parish are quite pleased to announce Johnny and Jimmy were together cutting a rug.

“Wink, wink!”

At my parish I sat a couple of weeks ago with uniformed Boy Scouts.  St. Edward remains a sponsor even after scouting changed a century of tradition and removed a prohibition on homosexual scoutmasters.  I thought it a silly prohibition because there have been gay scout leaders for one hundred years and none were any more or less likely to molest children than straight men but let’s be clear.  The Roman Catholic Church labels same-sex relationships as “intrinsically disordered”.

“Wink, wink!”

The liberal hypocrites installed as local shepherds may need to see an optometrist for all the rapid winking.  Many are taking their cues from Rome.  Liberals and media allies love telling us Pope Francis approves and we’ve missed the bus.  There is a man in Detroit who founded his own Catholic TV network.  Michael Voris is nothing more than a lay Catholic.  He’s also despised by priests and bishops and their liberal allies because he does better work explaining the faith and adhering to Catholicism than do almost all of the men in cassocks.  This is a video he produced explaining media and many in the Church are feeding you poisoned fruit.  I would highly recommend anyone confused by what he calls the Church of Nice to subscribe to his videos.  He’s a voice crying out in the wilderness.  Here in the high desert it’s time it echoes all the way to St. Jerome and like-minded social clubs masquerading as Roman Catholic.

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