I’ve seen this before.  In a movie called Dr. Zhivago.  It’s a tale of the Russian Revolution as seen through the eyes of a middle-class physician who struggles to survive the tumult.  He’s married into a well-to-do family but they aren’t nobility.  After the communists take control the family’s house is confiscated.  They’re forced into a makeshift apartment on the second floor and the place is subdivided to make room for the city’s poor.  It doesn’t go at all well.  Being a person of means is considered exploitive and criminal.

A Globalist Demand

I meet a lot of people through my work.  Some talk about things called Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.  The agendas make some people roll their eyes but we’re not engaging in conspiracy theories.  Many people have predicted this is the future of the United States and the entire planet.  As one Danish diplomat recently states, “You will own nothing and you will like it!”

Click here to see a story from a Spokane TV station.  Homeowners are being told they can help alleviate the housing shortage by sharing their place with others.  The idea is, that you’ll be operating a homeless shelter and lose your personal privacy.  Shades of Dr. Zhivago?  How about Agenda 30?  How much more evidence do you need that there is a full-court press being applied to the American people?

Are You Becoming a Believer?

Look at your heating and cooling bills.  Look at the cost of gasoline.  Look at the cost of groceries.  I recently saw a bag of apples on sale for over nine dollars!  I estimate the bag contained less than a peck.

Don’t be the proverbial frog boiling in the pot.  Get loud!

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