This is sad news.  El Cazador Mexican Restaurant in Buhl will soon close.  The announcement was made on the restaurant’s Facebook page.  I was a latecomer to the place. My first meal there was in December.  A group of local Republican women invited me to a luncheon.  The food was great and I like the atmosphere.  It was a great way to re-purpose an old movie theater.

You still have time to try El Cazador.  It won’t officially close until the night of Friday, May 5th.  Comments on Facebook are generally filled with praise.  One writer mentioned he would plan trips to Buhl so that he could eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant.

By the way, Mexican food is the most popular ethnic food in the United States, ahead of Chinese and Italian.  I don’t need to be coerced to eat any of those.

A friend of mine is a financial planner.  He likes to say the only constant in life change.  Yet, when it comes to some institutions, it appears some have been with us almost forever.  El Cazador was one of those.  When I first came to work at KLIX, I commented to some friends in the office about how much I was impressed by a particular building I passed in Buhl.  They all started telling me about their fondness for the food.

The people of Buhl were spoiled.  After eating lunch or dinner, they could walk a block down the street and buy an out-of-this-world ice cream cone.  It made a guy from Twin Falls jealous.

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