Taco Bell is at it once again, with another fan-favorite rumored to be returning to their menu. Over the last month or two, they have slowly been bringing back old items to their menu, but this one is different. Recently, Taco Bell's menu has seen the return of nacho friesCinnabon Delight coffee, and the return of salsa verde to select stores, for now. One item has been missing for years, that customers have been clamoring for, and the long wait might finally be over.

Is Mexican Pizza Returning to Taco Bell?

Mark your calendars and rejoice, because it may finally be happening. Taco Bell customers have been aching for Mexican pizza to return to the menu for years, and if cryptic messages and the online menu are anything to go off of, it may be happening pretty soon. A cryptic tweet recently informed customers to be on the lookout for May 19. If that isn't enough, on the Taco Bell website there is an option to order Mexican pizza, but the site is unable to complete the order at this point.

Waiting for Mexican Pizza to Return


Rumors have circulated that it is a done deal and that the delicious food item will be back on menus soon, but the date is unconfirmed yet. The tweet could be referring to when Taco Bell officially announces the return of Mexican pizza, it could be the date it returns, or it may be another item altogether. Rumors have also speculated that Taco Bell will up their pizza game, offering different types of Mexican pizza this time around.

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Make sure to be by your phone, computer, or a Taco Bell on May 19, because something will happen. If the rumors are true, then customers should be happy and enjoying one of the best food items Taco Bell has ever had. Many people have been asking for the return of the Mexican pizza for too long, and the wait soon may be over.

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