The Buhl man who says he was wrongfully tasered by city police is getting access to police body camera video.  Eli Johnson has also requested to speak publicly at the Buhl City Council meeting on the evening of February 12th.

For disclosure, I’ve known Eli Johnson for two years.  I shared a table with Eli and his wife at a remote broadcast.  He’s a former deputy from Sacramento County, California.  I could be a character witness.  Eli is a good family man.  I’ve visited his church and seen him occasionally at local pizza shops and ice cream stands.

I’m also keeping an open mind.  Buhl Police and council members can’t talk about the subject at the moment.  This is procedural when there could be legal action.

Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs dropped all charges after viewing the body camera video.  He also can’t speak publicly about the case.  However, that’s because there was a Twin Falls County Deputy at the scene.  It sounds like the deputy was mainly an observer.  The county could still be included in any possible lawsuit.

Speaking of procedures, the charges could have been dropped for technical reasons.  A prosecutor makes decisions based on whether or not a conviction is possible.  It’s a factor.

It’s a shame we’ve reached this point.  I was thinking about Eli’s case this last weekend.  While I’m not sure he ever wants to work in law enforcement again, he could have been a good candidate to fill the pressing need for police and deputies locally.

The man isn’t talking with mainstream media about his case.  He doesn’t trust liberals.  We’ll do our best to keep you up to date.

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