Idaho Joe’s had been a fairly regular breakfast stop for me until the arrival of the pandemic.  Then I curtailed my restaurant trips for several months.  Until this week I had never been to Idaho Joe’s for lunch.  I made the visit at the suggestion of some friends and was delighted with the choice. 

My judgment?  Good community gathering place and superb comfort food!

Our waitress came by and explained there were two specials.  One was for the barbecue burger.  You’re looking at a picture of one.  After I cleaned up half the fries on my plate I photographed the burger.  It was one of the two choices.  It also came with a slice of pie.  I was full after the burger and fries.  I told one of my companions the pie was hers.  I believe she selected strawberry rhubarb.  She ordered it to go, so she passed on a dollop of ice cream on the top.

There are some other pluses at Idaho Joe’s.  It’s roomy.  There’s no lack of space.  Even for those looking to socially distance.  I like the leg room at the tables.

Parking is also plentiful.  The surrounding plaza is also large.

We had two meals and a third friend ordered some tea.  The bill was under 20 bucks!  Many fast food restaurants can’t match the price.

My friends tell me Idaho Joe’s is a popular dinner stop as well.  They often find themselves in the large dining room on the south side of the building with large groups of friends following attendance at local meetings and ball games.

My judgment?  Good community gathering place and superb comfort food!


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