This story could be tied to housing costs.

Forrest Andersen is known in the Magic Valley as one of the Gun Guys.  They join us on-air every Friday morning and talk all things firearms.  Forrest is a firearms dealer, as well as the proprietor of a Twin Falls pawn shop, known as Washington Street Pawn.  This week, a customer was angered when the shop couldn’t loan him money.  He slammed a door as he was leaving and shattered the glass.

You can imagine because of the nature of what’s sold in the store, that a glass man was needed in a hurry.  The tab was 700 bucks!

Forrest acknowledged the fellow’s consternation.  People are frustrated and angry.  We’re paying more for groceries and gas, and many are paying much more for limited housing.

Housing is a crisis for many, if not for the well-healed serving in government.  The people they see on the luncheon circuit or while golfing don’t have an issue, I suppose, but I can tell you, that legislators need to broaden their view.  And the campaign donors are in some cases making money off the misery of others.

You may believe this isn’t a government responsibility, but let me issue a warning for majority Republicans.  Just because the liberals haven’t been sharp enough to see what’s in front of them, at some point they’ll catch on and start making promises.  If they amplify the housing crisis through their media allies, this is one area they could make some serious gains.  Republicans better have a response.

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