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Gee, even the Clinton News Network has noticed.  CNN has noticed the average American family is now spending more than $700 a month more than when Donald Trump was in the White House.  Someone at the network must have missed the daily talking points from the Democrat National Committee.

A few days ago, the Vice President mentioned that tens of millions of her countrymen (and women) have no more than $400 available for an emergency.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that homelessness is up 11 percent over last year.  The Journal story is behind a paywall.  If you only have a few hundred dollars, I wouldn’t recommend a subscription.

In Idaho, there are three-bedroom homes on one-third of an acre selling for one million dollars. Local people aren’t paying that price.  They don’t have the money.  They’ve become second-class citizens in the communities where they grew up.

Joe Biden is traveling the country, reading a prompter, and telling people that the economy, or Bidenomics, is benefiting them.  He’s shoveling horse manure.  Meanwhile, members of his party in Idaho are bemoaning the loss of taxpayer-supported healthcare for 23,000 kids across the state.  We’re talking about a program where money is confiscated from some of the working poor and then handed off to others among the poor.

Wouldn’t we all be better off if we could keep some of our money and get a break from the cost of living?  One cause of inflation is the money printed over the last few years to cover government-induced emergencies.  Not only are you suffering from the devaluation of your currency and meager savings, but you’re also on the hook for the growing debt.

And people wonder why a song from an obscure artist sweeps the country and Republicans still overwhelmingly backing Donald Trump!  They’re the only people calling out the bald-faced lying elites.

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