Many believe it would never happen during their lifetimes.  Next week, a very big step will be taken to get the process of a third bridge over the Snake River Canyon in motion.  A ceremony is planned at the Twin Falls Visitor’s Center.  It’s located along the canyon rim on the north side of the city and the south side of the big ditch.

The signing ceremony will include both Jerome and Twin Falls County Commissions and the involved highway districts. 

The Perrine Bridge may not be showing its age but is approaching a half-century of use.

This is likely the largest proposed construction project in the history of South Central Idaho.  The canal system and the Perrine Bridge would be the only rivals.

The plans call for re-routing Route 93 near Filer, directing it across the canyon and into Jerome County.  It would allow much of the large truck and recreational vehicle traffic to bypass Twin Falls and ease the congestion on Pole Line Road and Blue Lakes Boulevard.

Twin Falls City has a population of just over 50,000.  Yet, as many as 120,000 people may be in the city each day, shopping working and passing through.  A bypass would allow the drive through traffic more direct access to the Interstate and ease the congestion.

The Perrine Bridge may not be showing its age but is approaching a half-century of use.

Hopes for a third bridge were greatly spurred this year when Governor Brad Little and state legislators made transportation and infrastructure a priority.

The state is awash in a great deal of federal money that arrived as part of the COVID relief package.  The signing ceremony is scheduled for two o’clock in the afternoon, Thursday, June 3rd at the center’s overlook.


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