There are two very fashionable looking guinea pigs up for adoption at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. How can guinea pigs be fashionable? Well just see for yourself.

Appropriately named Fabio and Fransisco, these two need a home together. I assume the one with the long luxurious hair is named Fabio, and this guinea pig has better hair than I do! The white one is so stinking cute as well. Apparently they grew up together and they need to stay together.

They have also apparently been handled their entire lives and so you can totally play with them, hold them and they probably won't bite. The description doesn't say that but I am assuming they don't bite.

I am so jealous of Fabio's hair! I can't stop staring at it. The adoption fee is $40 and it includes their cage. You won't have to worry about finding a place to house them, they come with their own home. How awesome is that.

I really honestly want to adopt them but I might be kicked out of my house. I am not sure how anyone can say no to those adorable faces! If you are a guinea pig lover and know how to care for them they definitely look like they would be a great and fashionable addition to your home. They are also less maintenance than a dog I would imagine anyway.

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