BOISE, Idaho (News Release) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has resolved a 2016 lawsuit against a former Boise jet boat manufacturer accused of failing to deliver custom-built boats and trailers to clients as promised.

The settlement announced Monday brings to a close a consumer protection lawsuit against Christopher Bohnenkamp, owner of the now-defunct Bohnenkamp’s Whitewater Customs Inc., and Treasure Valley Marine Inc.

Wasden began investigating Bohnenkamp and his companies in July 2015.

Consumers complained that they had paid thousands of dollars for custom-built jet boats or trailers in advance, but that Bohnenkamp failed to deliver finished products and rejected refund requests.

The settlement prohibits Bohnenkamp from ever operating a boat-related business in the state of Idaho.

“Idaho consumers now know that Mr. Bohnenkamp will not have a chance to repeat his bad business practices in Idaho again,” Wasden said.

Under terms of the settlement, Bohnenkamp agreed to a $414,868 judgment against him. That total includes more than $372,368 in consumer restitution owed to eight consumers who don’t have private judgments or a pending legal action against him. The settlement also includes $40,000 in civil penalties and $2,500 in attorney fees and costs.

Due to Bohnenkamp’s current financial status, payment of the judgment has been suspended. Wasden said that doesn’t mean Bohnenkamp has been permanently cleared from paying restitution. The settlement requires Bohnenkamp to pay restitution once he has the financial means to do so.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division received 14 complaints regarding Bohnenkamp and his businesses between March 2015 and December 2015.

Bohnenkamp closed his Boise operations last year and moved to New York to start a boat touring business.

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