TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Aggressive drivers in Idaho will be the focus of law enforcement across the state for the next two weeks. The Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) and the Idaho State Police (ISP) announced a statewide mobilization of law enforcement partners to crackdown on aggressive drivers out on public roadways. The campaign goes from now to March 11.

Courtesy, Idaho State Police.
Courtesy, Idaho State Police.

Aggressive Driving Responsible for Thousands of Crashes in Idaho

According to data from 2022 from OHS, there were a little more than 14,000 crashes caused by aggressive driving in the Gem State. Of the all the deadly crashes in 2022 nearly 40 percent were attributed by some sort of aggressive driving. "Aggressive driving is dangerous driving," said Captain Chris Weadick of District 6 in Idaho Falls in a prepared statement. "As our roadways continue seeing increased traffic volumes, ISP responds to more calls of aggressive driving and collisions. We want people to slow down and pay attention to their driving so everyone arrives at their destination safely."

What is Aggressive Driving?

Photo by Joshua Wordel on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Wordel on Unsplash

ISP and OHS lists 12 examples of what they consider aggressive driving in the Gem State:

-Blocking cars attempting to change lanes
-Changing lanes without signaling
-Cutting in front of another driver, then slowing down
-Driving too fast for conditions
-Failing to yield or stop for traffic lights and stop signs
-Passing on the wrong side of the road or on the shoulder
-Screaming, honking, or flashing lights
-Weaving in and out of traffic

What will Idaho Drivers See During the Aggressive Driving Mobilization?

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There will be more law enforcement out on Idaho roads thanks to grants from the state and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to help cover the costs of extra patrols. The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office will be one of the many agencies participating in the crackdown with dedicated officers looking for dangerous and aggressive drivers. "The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office urges Idahoans to stay calm on the road and have patience for other drivers so we can keep our communities safe together. The choices you make while behind the wheel can make the difference in whether you get home safely or not."


The Idaho Public Can Also Help

OHS and State Police encourage people to report aggressive drivers by calling the non-emergency dispatch at 208-209-8730, or 911. People should provite details like where it happened, a vehicle description and the license plate number. Keep in mind you may have to be present in court to testify.

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