I think I told you about my first experience with Piggy Sue.  Last October.  I was at a mixer for the Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce.  I had heard of Piggy Sue Bar-B-Que from friends.  Like you here in legends.  The business operates out of a mobile unit in Albion, which is among the prettiest towns in Idaho.  Trouble is, the only time I get there is when I’m on my way to City of Rocks, which isn’t often.  Of course, if some of you wanted to have a carpool and make a road trip for lunch…

My First Experience Tasting the Chow

Piggy Sue was catering the mixer.  There was a line of people around the tables.  I sampled some of the pulled pork and the delicious sauce.  It’s like a taste of heaven.  I also had some macaroni and cheese, made with macaroni shells.  Oh, my!  It sticks to your ribs.

I ended up taking even more home.  I sampled more before bed and then polished off the rest at breakfast.  Pulled pork, macaroni, and cheese before sunrise are a great combination.  I felt energetic all day.  If I had some seed capital I would consider a proposal to franchise the business.  It would be a hit not only in Idaho but across the country and Canada.

We Are Rich in Eating Choices

Our river valley and neighboring mountains are filled with such delights.  If I also had the capital I would take a leave of absence and write a book about these Gem State gems.  Since I lack the money and time, I challenge someone among all of you.  It’s not a chore.  It’s a way to make a living and tickle the taste buds.  How could it get any better?

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