Twin Falls closed the 20th Century with an act of pure evil.  It’s now being recounted in a documentary by Investigation Discovery.  It’s the story of an aggressive and morally bankrupt woman killing a woman she viewed as a rival.  Vicki Arlene Jensen remains in prison, getting three meals a day, healthcare, and a warm bed.  She and two young accomplices killed Aleta Diane Ray in front of the victim’s three-year-old daughter.

It Was an Act of Pure Evil

Ray was dating Jensen’s estranged husband.  He had left his wife.  Vernon Jensen claimed his wife was abusive and possessive.  One day after leaving for work, Vicki Jensen and her accomplices disguised themselves showed up at Ray’s doorstep, and asked to use the telephone.  Inside, Jensen, a nurse, injected Ray with a fatal dose of methamphetamine and insulin.  They watched for an hour as Ray died.

Accomplice Autumn Pauls was a teenager at the time.  Investigators broke the case after she bragged to friends about the killing.  She served time in prison and was last known to have relocated to Idaho Falls after release.  Vicki Jensen and another accomplice, Matthew Pearson, remain in prison.

Vicki Jensen Appears to Have had a Public Side and a Private Side

I took some time over the weekend to read the appeal made by Vicki Jensen’s legal team 20 years ago.  It tried to portray the woman as a caring medical professional with good people skills.  Clearly, she lived a double life.

The documentary is called Evil Lives Here.  You can read more details by clicking here.

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