A correction and clarification on my part.  A headline on a video from Monday’s edition of Top Story gave the impression the Magic Valley Times News was busing in backers of the local refugee center from out-of-town.  One, the paper’s management would likely be the first to say they wouldn’t be allowed to budget for such an excess and, two, have no desire to stage manage an event planned for several weeks.  The newspaper is sponsoring a forum on the refugee center and its mission.

Special interests will often see an event like this as an opportunity and take advantage of the work of others.  Special interests of all backgrounds.  The newspaper, as of yesterday, had heard some rumors of out-of-town buses bringing people from Boise to the event in Twin Falls.  The same rumors reached me over the weekend and as far as I know these were never confirmed by the alleged organizations behind the alleged effort.  I mentioned on-air Monday there wasn’t any detailed evidence.

Then later after uploading a video of the segment to YouTube I wrote a headline giving the impression the Times News was organizing caravans.  One of my early mentors used to scrawl three words across the submissions of young staff.  “Could be clearer!” the man would write.  Same here.

The newspaper has been a constant foil for me on-air but I’ll offer the people who work there have been dignified in the few dealings they’ve had with me and I owe them an apology on this one.  I’ll even recommend if you’ve been a fence-sitter or opposed to the resettlement issue you should still attend the forum at College of Southern Idaho tonight and listen.  I don’t think many minds will be changed but it won’t cause you any harm.  A link to the video I've mentioned is here and it includes an attempt to clarify the headline.