Take a weeklong vacation and all heck breaks loose.

A short review of stories from the time I left the office at the end of June.

Liberals and some Republicans desperately wanting to be liked by newspaper editors are demanding State Representative Priscilla Giddings grovel for telling a joke.

the Representative could’ve fetched the shell and explained the only people she has ever fired upon are enemies of the USA

Giddings was photographed with some members of the gun-grabbing crowd outside the Idaho GOP Convention.  Her caption suggested she could show them an empty shell she had in her truck.  Liberals moved quickly to DEFCON 1 and demanded satisfaction.  Lefty is either stupid or devious.  I’m going with the latter.  Empty shells are quite harmless.  In fact, the Representative could’ve fetched the shell and explained the only people she has ever fired upon are enemies of the USA.  In other words, she was a good guy with a gun.  While many liberals are clamoring for membership in the enemies club they really saw this as an opportunity to remove a legislative roadblock.  Some in Giddings’ caucus clearly see it the same way.  Why don’t we let her constituents make the call?

Giddings has a seat as long as she wants one.  The Chamber of Commerce Republicans are doing a slow burn.  They hang pictures of Reagan in their offices and expect it’s all they need to win public approval.  I’ve got a massive Reagan portrait at home.  It was gifted me when I was named Conservative of the Year back when I was in Syracuse, New York.  And not Republican of the Year.

There was a horrific act of violence in Boise.  National media quickly faded away when it became obvious the guy with the knife (you mean no gun?) wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat.  Speaking of devious, the Mayor of Boise, crawling as usual on his belly, saw opportunity in a senseless death.  He called for open borders with Mexico.  As if the loss of a little refugee girl at the hands of a thug somehow equates with a need for amnesty.

Here’s a hypothetical:  If the killer had been an illegal immigrant and the victim a lily-white Mormon girl, would the Mayor be calling for a lack of security at the border?  Her status as a refugee was irrelevant to the fiend with the knife.  The only question we should be debating is the manner of his execution.

Dave Bieter talks of diversity.  What, among killers?

Scott Pruitt resigned as EPA Administrator.  I saw this coming for 8 weeks.  Staff was angry he detailed them to run some errands.  As if a boss has never asked such a favor!  I guess the deep staters lost some napping time.  Pruitt’s departure won’t change any policy.

Liberals continue behaving badly.  Tossing drinks on children in restaurants and clubbing prayer groups in Portland.  Did you see the video from Oregon?  A leftist is swinging a club at the Christians.  One of the faithful stepped forward, blocked a swing and then knocked out the communist with one punch!  A priest I know in a liberal part of America commented.  “He went down like a sack of s***,” is how the holy man described the pictures.

The week closed with the President in Great Falls.  Had I known early in the week I would’ve attempted to get inside.  I wasn’t far away.  He called out a couple of liars in the U.S. Senate and now the media (the DNC auxiliary) is fuming over Mr. Trump saying something truthful.  Isn’t it what they’ve been insisting the man does rarely?

At the rate things are going in this country we won’t need anything more than empty shells.  As some events from the week tell us, the Marxists are all bark and have glass jaws.


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