The boss was deluged with calls and emails.  It was the day after I had written a satirical piece about women and driving.  People were demanding I be fired for having views they didn’t like.  Aside from having an already busy schedule, he explained most of the complainants were 20-somethings or “Karins”.

They read the web post and were triggered.  I doubt many have ever listened to conservative talk radio.  It would send them off the deep end and they would need coloring books and puppies.  While I enjoyed exposing them to real life and not some Potemkin marketplace of ideas they were exposed to in government schools, I realize most have already been lost as a cause.  They’ll be following the servile path with the next round of mask mandates and lockdowns.  It’s all they know.

I need to point out that I’m not required by any law to like people who wear nose rings, men who wear dresses, and Republican politicians who represent only narrow interests.  But I believe the first two groups have a right to wear what they want and live their lives as they choose if they don’t harm anyone else.  It’s the politicians I find increasingly disingenuous.  Not just in Washington but many of the people representing us in Boise.  I know several Republicans who complained bitterly to me in private three years ago about Governor Lockdown.  Publicly, the same bitter complainers were silent.  Now you know where they’ll stand the day tyranny arrives at your doorstep.

As for our state legislators, there are some good ones, however.  Many are beholden to their donors and only their donors.  I would have more respect if they simply admitted their main interest was to reward the donors in exchange for re-election every two years.

Three stories sum it up.  A few years ago a newly elected Republican legislator told me she was pulled aside at the Capitol by a party leader.  “You no longer work for your constituents,” he told her.  In other words, leadership lives life by lies.  Second, a retired legislator was fuming after the last state party convention in Twin Falls.  She sternly told a younger Republican, “I hope you take good care of our party!”  Yes, the party is somehow her private property and that should invalidate the lopsided vote.  Lastly, an editorial writer recently claimed she should have more of a say in party politics because her family has been working the land here for generations.

Does she get two votes versus your one?  What if your family worked the land in Wyoming for five generations and then you moved to Idaho?  Are you excluded from the discussion?  What if you pay taxes?  What if you maintain a nice home?  What if you opened a business and employed your neighbors?

Here’s a thought.  Stop the whining and serve your constituency.

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