An Oregon newspaper is following up on a story from a liberal writer at a Seattle newspaper, and it’s about Idaho.  Which must look like another planet from the brain-addled marijuana puffers on the Left Coast.  Idaho is becoming more and more conservative, and more populated.  While there’s still a long way to go, a growing population translates into increased regional political power.  The paper also refers to Idaho as northwest.  It’s geographically true and a federal government designation.  Yet, a recent survey found people in Idaho have more of an affinity for the Midwest.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the people moving here from elsewhere as overwhelmingly Republican.  It came from some research compiled by the Idaho Secretary of State.

There’s a reason many of Idaho’s old-guard Republicans are supporting a petition drive by the socialist front Reclaim Idaho.  Because the establishment needs liberal votes to cling to power.  They see rank-choice voting and open primaries as their last opportunity.

Why?  Because the newcomers sort out the lay of the land within a couple of years.  They then increasingly support the wing of the GOP headed by Dorothy Moon, Idaho’s Republican Party Chair.

There’s an irony here.  Many of the establishment types have made a fortune off real estate development, while at the same time creating the means for their political extinction.  So, the plan is now to change the rules of the game.  But the numbers tell us it’s only a matter of time before the Tyrannosaurus RINO fades away.

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