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I had two unusual experiences in one 15-minute stretch.  Over the weekend.  As I attempted to send my modem back to CenturyLink (I canceled service).  A store I’ve used seemed like a good place to start.  The door opens automatically at the appointed hour when the shop opens.  I arrived 15 minutes later.  Sure enough, the door was unlocked.  But there was nobody inside.  I waited for a few minutes.  Some other customers came by.  Then they left in frustration.

When I left, I decided to circle the block.  When I came back, I saw a clerk going inside.  I parked, walked in and she beckoned me to a counter.  I won’t condemn someone for being late.  Many of us have overslept.  An online friend later told me a story about a young woman who was late for work because she was attempting to find someone else to look after her sick baby.  Many people can’t afford to lose a day of work.

But my latest situation has a twist.  I needed a box.  The clerk said she had one on the shelf behind her.  It was a used box, and half of it looked like someone had spilled oil or grease inside.  She wanted to pack the device in that box!  When I asked if there was an alternative, she said yes.  When I left, she was greeting a second customer.  For all I know, CenturyLink is getting an oily modem in a few days.

Two other issues.  I’m an old-fashioned guy.  The world has passed me by.  I am still not comfortable dealing with people who wear nose jewelry.  Doesn’t that hurt?  Two, as I left, a bearded man in a polka dot dress was walking down the street.  We exchanged smiles.  I found it funny.  I’m no longer shocked.  He didn’t bother me.  My reaction did.

Every day normal has been dumbed down.

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