TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you’re looking to get outside but don’t want to travel too far from home, here’s one suggestion: hike the Mogensen Trail.

Access the trail near the entrance to Centennial Waterfront Park in the Snake River Canyon.

The trail is a fitting memorial to its namesake, Frank W. Mogensen, who before his passing at age 70 worked as an Idaho State Police trooper and was known for his work with Twin Falls Boy Scouts. The trail is the result of some of that work. Mogensen died in 1994.

The trail is something that all level hikers can enjoy.

I first became familiar with the trail in 2011, when a buddy of mine and I walked it during an adventure outside of the office. (Yes, we actually got paid to explore the Magic Valley’s great outdoors!) That first visit was during winter, when the temperature high for the day was 24 degrees.

Besides being warmer, the scenery is greener this time of year.

The trail starts wide, crosses a small stream, and narrows farther into the canyon. Some things you’re sure to see along the journey are a variety of plants and rock formations, a small pond and its outlet, and waterfalls. Butterflies and birds visit areas near the trail, but be aware that snakes also are known to visit.

Watch your step, too. Parts of the trail become a bit rocky; and at one point you'll encounter stairs and cross a small footbridge.

Still, it’s an easy and enjoyable hike that allows you to breathe some fresh air and enjoy time out of the office. If you walk the length of the trail, it’ll take you to the BASE jumping landing flag near the Perrine Bridge.

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