TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Visitors who park in the long parking stalls without a boat or trailer at Centennial Waterfront Park may now be fined a hundred bucks.

Twin Falls County will now enforce parking violations at the park with $100 fines, Lt. Daron Brown said at a press gathering on Monday afternoon.

Twin Falls County Sheriff Lt. Daron Brown talks with local media about parking violations on Monday afternoon, June 17, at Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls. (Credit: Andrew Weeks, Townsquare Media)

Standing amidst the long parking spaces meant for vehicles towing boats and trailers, the sun beating down from a blue sky, Brown said Centennial is a small, active park but there usually is enough parking for afternoon and weekend crowds. If ever there is not, however, that doesn’t give visitors permission to commit parking violations.

The long marked spaces are for vehicles with boats and trailers, not for passenger cars and other vehicles without trailers. "Trailer Parking Area Only," at least three different signs near the parking lot read.

Visitors who commit parking violations at Centennial Waterfront Park may now be fined $100, according to the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office. (Credit: Andrew Weeks, Townsquare Media)

Brown said parking violations at Centennial is nothing new; they have been happening ever since the parking lot was installed in the early 1990s. But signage has been posted for a long time too, he said, alerting visitors to the parking rules. Now those rules will be enforced because of a new county ordinance and new signage.

County Parks and Waterways Director Rick Novacek said the department last year put green tape on vehicles that were in violation of the parking rule, trying to remind people about the rule. It was an educational effort, he said, but people didn’t take the warning seriously.

Maybe they will now that they’ll have to dig into their wallet to pay a hundred-dollar fine if caught illegally parked. Novacek said if the problem continues the county may start towing vehicles, at the owners’ expense, starting sometime later this summer.

Don’t want to be fined? It’s an easy thing to avoid: just don’t park where you’re not supposed to.

Brown also said the park, which is frequently patrolled, is not the place to store boats or trailers with “for sale” signs on them. Park visitors in violation of this rule may also be ticketed.