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I’m sick of watching Idaho burn!  The news media claims it’s the new normal, and it’s your fault because you drive, eat meat, and heat your home.  The media types are simpletons who exist nowadays to simply parrot what someone in a lab coat tells them is the science.  Science applies in all their arguments, but for issues like gender identity and conception.  In other words, some science is better than other sciences.

Darr Moon is a scientist.  He's a geologist by trade.  He can remember his childhood in Idaho.  When wildfires were far less common.  A few years ago, he founded an organization named Idaho on Fire.  He makes a compelling argument.  If we restore logging, grazing, and mining, we’ll see a lot less burning during fire season and beyond.  It doesn’t agree with environmentalists because the pursuits he outlines mean some people could make money.  Like science, the left believes some money is good money and some dollars are bad.  What you earn and don’t give to them falls in the latter category.

Moon has watched as Idaho's history has literally burned this summer.  From his mountaintop retreat near Challis, he can see the smoke billowing in several directions.  While some of his ideas appear controversial, they aren’t new.  They could be described as traditional fire prevention methods.  He also agrees that current firefighting methods are big business for bloated government agencies.  More fires = bigger budgets and larger bureaucratic fiefdoms.  You can hear our discussion by clicking here.

In case you’re wondering, he's married to Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon.  Idaho’s newest power couple!

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