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My daughter was the victim of an attempted abduction when she was 8-years-old.  Here’s a question for you, if someone was attacking your child would you kill them?  If you needed to go that far to get it to stop?

This is an easy answer for most parents.  If someone corners you in a parking lot, carrying a gun and threatens your life, would you pull a pistol and stop the threat? 

Talk show host Michael Medved always has an answer for that one.  “Violence solved Adolf Hitler,” he replies.

Many years ago I was interviewing a peacenik on my radio show.  He served two years in federal prison when he refused to register with Selective Service.  It had been re-instituted by the peace loving Democrat Jimmy Carter.  I registered on my 18th birthday.  October 10th, 1980.  I’ve got a lazy eye and some other congenital issues and I suppose I had it easy.  Had a draft been necessary I likely would’ve been rejected.  Still, I filled out the paperwork at the Post Office because I wanted my dad to know I would do what was necessary for my country.

The peacenik told me during the interview, which was by telephone from his kitchen, there was nothing worth killing or dying for.  I could hear his toddler child in the background.  The little one was making noise and wasn’t yet speaking.

“Tell me,” I offered.  “If someone suddenly broke open your kitchen door and threatened your baby with a knife, wouldn’t you stop the guy?”

There was silence.  When I repeated the question there was more silence.  He finally spouted, “Violence is never a solution”.

Talk show host Michael Medved always has an answer for that one.  “Violence solved Adolf Hitler,” he replies.

I came across a column by a liberal writer at the website of the Spokesman-Review, a paper serving Spokane and parts of North Idaho.  He’s fuming because an Idaho Republican asked a political gathering what they would be willing to kill for.  You can see the fine liberal whine by clicking here.

Liberals are like field mice, quivering as the hawk soars above.  They fear we’re coming for them.  Frankly, I don’t have time to fret about a perpetually angry columnist.  I do worry that if the Robespierre impersonators on his side of the divide come for me, I need to be ready.  And judging by the totalitarian dreams of Democrats who want to be our next President, a good and healthy concern for my personal safety is a necessity.

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